Established in 1972, Hangzhou Tiantang Pressure-Filter Co., Ltd., the pioneer in the manufacturing of pressurized filter in China, is a specialty corporation specialized in the design, engineering and fabrication of pressurized filters. It is located in the scenic lakeside of Westlake, Hangzhou, a renowned tourism destination in the world.

Under the leadership of the founder, president Li Jingshen, an engineer, through the unwavering hard works and exploration in technology during the last thirty years, and thanks to the enlightened national policies, the company has been in constant improvement in product design and constant renewal and enhancement in production capacity. It boasts a set of refined production and testing equipment, and excellent after sale service. Today, with its large-scale frame planers, imported borers, 1630T oil hydraulic presses, and other general purpose equipment, the company has in its possession integrated assembly lines for planing, boring, milling, lathing, drilling and other metal works, and is capable of producing high quality products in large quantity. The filter plate as well as the frame is made of reinforced polypropylene and is formed through one-press process. It is stable chemically, resistant to erosion, innocuous to human health, and is applicable in wide range of applications. You can find nearly 300 pressurized filters in various specifications in 15 product lines, including box-type, plate-type, compartmental, compressive, automatic and other kinds of pressurized filters. Our product has decent name recognition in the market, and is well received by our large customer base in China, as well as those in Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other Southeast Asia nations.

In addition, we can provide products in polypropylene-graphite plate-type condensers, SYC horizontal blade-type diatomite filters, 820 air compress filters and many others. The company also provide service for the construction of erosion resistant facilities, including PVC, PP or FRP storage slots and tanks, and inner lining on bricks and boards for building protection.

The tenet of Tiantang is to hold our customer at the utmost importance, to establish ourselves through the quality of our products, and to assist you in your road to success with our product and service.

Hangzhou Tiantang Pressure-Filter Co., Ltd. is the earliest core enterprise in China producing pressurized filters. Experienced and reliable, our products received many awards, including Hangzhou Award of Excellency in New Technologies and New Products, Zhejiang Provincial Award of Excellency in Achievements in Science and Technology, gold and silver medals of the Fruits of National Xinghuo Plan, gold medal in National Exhibition of New Technologies and New Products, silver medal in the Exhibition of International Patents, New Technologies and New Products.

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